Rad8 Pulse Ox settings

Let's face it, nobody has time to read the user manual anymore...especially when it's a very unexciting medical device. We did it for you, and found a few settings you need to be aware of since they impact your child.

Rad-8 User Manual

Rad-8 operators Manual


There are a few settings that we identified as "not Ideal" for Spinal Muscular Atrophy with the Masimo Rad-8 device

These setting are all accessed via the level2 menu.menu 2x


Level 2 items

Level 2 menu contains parameters and settings that are not changed as frequently as Level 1. These include alarm volume, alarm silence, alarm delay, clear trend, button volume, sensitivity, and FastSat parameters. Use the Enter Button to access the menu. Press the Enter Button again to move to the next menu. PulseOx Alarm

Alarm Volume

The default alarm setting is a 3 but the device has one setting louder. This is the alarm setting which means your child is in trouble. We sleep a whole lot better knowing the alarm is as loud as it can possibly go.  Level 3 is the default volume.  Press the enter (menu) button twice then the up arrow once to set the volume to Level 4 (highest).

Alarm Silence

This setting is much less critical. This goes into effect when you press the Alarm Silence button (far right). It will put a 120 second pause on the alarm. We use this setting during the night to switch our daughters sensor strap to the other hand to prevent a burn from occurring since we use the palm of her hand instead of the fingernail.  If you want to shorten your setting, press the menu button until the silence option is found and press the down arrow to shorten the time.

Accessing Advanced options

Press Menu button and the Down arrow for 5 seconds.  If you cannot access this menu, you DME Durable Equipment provider has the device in "Home Mode".
menu 2x


Page 4-25 in user Manual. The device can be placed into the Home Mode to protect unqualified users from changing the alarm settings and operation. Only the following menu and front panel functions are available: display brightness, pulse beep volume adjustment......  cont.

To change this mode back to the default "standard" mode, hold the Enter Button and the UP arror for 5 seconds. This will enter the level 4 menu. The mode you want to select is "Standard Mode" abbreviated.

Alarm delay.

Did you know there is a 5 second delay on the alarm on default settings? (Page 4-11 in the manual). This is unless it is a rapid desat of more then 5% (which is a setting you need to check as well). I'm not certain what this alarm delay is supposed to prevent, I would prefer to be notified immediately if anything occurs which puts my child below the alarm threshold - regardless if it's duration.
We recommend you disable the alarm delay entirely.  Press the Enter (menu) button until the Alarm Delay is show then press the down arrow  3 times to select 0 seconds/


This one is a big one.  The default averaging time is 8 seconds, so the machine basically determines the stats every 8 seconds.  The fear is the lack of sensitivity to changing stats especially in SMA. A PulseOx is used to monitor all types of patients but few need rely on literally seconds to get a head start on a desat. These 8 seconds means you might have to wait 8 seconds of even 16 seconds before the device notices the stats are falling quickly.  We recommend changing this option to 2 seconds,  There already is an option called Sleep mode in the device with automatically adjusts this setting to 2 seconds.  DO NOT run in sleep mode because all alarms are disabled (page bottom page 4-25 in manual).   Changing the averaging time yourself to 2 seconds is the best option.

To change this option, hold down the Enter Button and press the Down Button for 5 seconds. After entering menu Level 3, use the Up or Down button to move between settings. Press the Enter Button to save new settings and move to the next menu. The user cycles through the menu options by continuing to press the Enter Button. 
menu 2x


Saving your settings

Press the enter button twice
Save User Identified Default Settings
(first press Up arrow two times and press Mode/Enter
Password: Next button, Up arrow, Down arrow, Next button

menu 2x

Special Thanks for making this article happen

Nate Lee, Kristin Banjany