Tiffany Green - Team GSF

Tiffany Green - Team GSF

We sat for a pre-race interview with Tiffany Green (my sister) who has declared 2016 the year of running for Nora as part of Team GSF. Inspired by Jaime’s running, Lucy Lunt’s running, Gwendolyn Strong’s running, Brian Chesteen, and of course, Nora. On her 42nd birthday, she began a Couch to 5k program, and much to my surprise, she found herself actually enjoying it...

If you would like to show your support for Tiffany's effort, or simply to donate to SMA, please follow this link: Tiffany Green Fundraiser for SMA

For Christmas this year, Tiffany sent along the message you can read in the gallery. ...but we wanted to know more so, we decided to sit with down for an interview. Here's it is

TJ: What made you decide to start running?
I had been walking to try to lose weight and to burn off post-work irritation and soon found that walking wasn't enough. So, I went way, way out of my comfort zone and decided to try a Couch to 5k. I hadn't run since we were forced to in high school. But, reading about all the SMA parents that pushed their children in their heavily-laden strollers in the Santa Barbara half-marathon really inspired me to give it a try. Whether they pushed their children in strollers or not, to train for a half-marathon while caring for an SMA child, like Jaime did, knocks over any excuses I have not to run.
TJ: What do you like about running?
The feeling of accomplishment. I never, ever thought I would be able to run. I assumed that three weeks in, my shin bones would just break in protest.
TJ: What is the furthest you've ever run in a day?
I'm now at the very end of the Couch to 5k, and it seems to think I should be running close to a 5k by now (in 30 minutes). So far, though, I'm at about 2 miles in 25 minutes. I don't know where that other magical 1.1 mile (5k = 3.1 miles) is going to come from. Hopefully those other magical miles show up, since I want to run the Madison half marathon (13.1 miles) by August and the Santa Barbara half-marathon in November. Plus, about a half-dozen other 5k races throughout the year and a couple 10k races while training for the half-marathons.
TJ: The only runners high I ever got was after crossing the finish line. and knowing I could finally stop running. Have you felt the runners high yet?
There's a runner's high? Ha! Nope, not yet. The closest I got was listening to "Walking on Sunshine" at the end of a run and being able to speed up. Sitting on the couch feeling no guilt about eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream after a run is probably as close as I've been to a runner's high..
TJ: What do you listen to while running, besides your own labored breathing?
I have a ridiculously long music playlist that I have carefully assembled. It has an embarrassing amount of Katy Perry and Kanye West on it. But, don't worry, it's got some Danzig and Rob Zombie on it too. I tried listening to audiobooks, but I don't find them motivating enough.
TJ: Runners often fart like horses when the race begins. How do you plan on "playing off a fart" if it happens to you?
Huh. That hasn't happened to me yet. Girls don't fart.
TJ: Do you remember that book called the long walk by the Richard Bachman (Stephen King's pen name)? wouldn't make for a good audiobook to use while running though...
I had forgotten that. But, thanks for reminding me. I'm headed out for a run in about an hour, so thanks for making sure I'll be thinking of that pleasant tale. #sarcasm
TJ: Would you say you're running from something or running to something? (metaphorically speaking)
Running to something, for sure - the Santa Barbara half-marathon and, ultimately, a cure for SMA - running until SMA kids can. I did try that Zombies, Run! thing on my phone, but running from zombies wasn't actually very motivating. I think I'm more the stand-your-ground, chop their heads off with an ax kind of zombie fighter. Wait, sorry, we weren't talking about zombies, were we?
TJ: If you were doing well in the race, but had to use the bathroom very badly, would you?
  • A: Take Elsa's advice from the movie Frozen?
  • B: Stop to find a potty
  • C: Run faster
I have never seen Frozen, so I have no idea what her advice is. I'll go with B. I sure hope they have porta-potties on race routes.
TJ: What do you admire most about gsf?
I don't think I could pick just one thing. I really admire that they focus so much on research grants. I also think it's wonderful that the Strong family continues to fight this battle even though they lost their precious Gwendolyn to SMA. Since I'm so far away from you guys, I really appreciate that TeamGSF gives me a way to support and help with the fight for a cure.
TJ: What is the most heartbreaking thing to you, that Nora will miss out on, due to SMA?
Being able to fly to visit her Aunt Tiffany (e.g. me) for a visit in the summer so that I could walk up State Street with her and be the cool aunt.
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