The huge half birthday

The huge half birthday
Nora was extremely excited about turning seven and a half.  For everyone else who loves Nora, it was a pretty important day too.  Nora had picked "finding Dory" for her decoration theme, but had not seen the movie yet.  She made that decision after watching a YouTube "baby Dory" video teaser (that we all have memorized now) and instantly became obsessed.  The teaser video introduced one of Nora's new favorite things to say "Okay, daddy.... ok daddy"
The day before Nora's half birthday, we took Nora on a surprise outing.  We went to build-a-bear. Nora saw a pink cheerleader bunny and it was love at first sight.  Nora named her "Cheerleader Bunny". Nora has a huge list of amazing things she does, but creatively naming her toys isn't one of them.  Leaving the bear store, we flew back across town to catch an early (non-crowded) showing of Finding Dory.  Nora really liked most of the film except for the unkept loon [bird] named Becky, "I don't like her eyes and why did she see like that?" (Nora was referring to a scene where you see out Becky's eyes as Nemo's dad was trying to imprint with her).  
On the day of Nora's half birthday, Grandpa arrived!  Nora had been excited to see him.  We all just hung out entertaining Nora and laughing.  Nora preferred opening her gifts throughout the day, instead of all at once.  One of the gifts Jaime got Nora, was this new swing.  The swing was designed so Nora could still lay flat, which is now the only position that doesn't cause her pain.  Nora also got a lot of stuffed animals, which she always loves.  
Nora bday stuffys
Stuffed animals are not just about cuddling and play for Nora, they also have very important jobs as cough helpers. 
later in the evening Grandpa drove home, and Jaime, Nora, and I went outside to play.  We played with waterballoons, set off a giant confetti canon and lit one of the last "parachute guy" fireworks Nora had.  It was really an all-around great half-birthday.   
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