Outside work

Outside work

Last weekend it was very warm in Tennessee. This afforded us the opportunity to get outside for some chores and playtime.

Nora has been really into the Peanuts movie lately. She now has little Peanuts figures and a card game. For almost a month, that's the only movie she wanted to watch during her afternoon rest. So by now, she knows it completely by heart. Incidentally, Marcie (Peppermint Patty's little follower) is her favorite. So, on this day, she wanted to take the Sally (Charlie Brown's sister) figure and card outside with her. Then somehow Jaime and I got into a competition to see who could throw the card the furthest into the wind. It was not very far as it turns out. Jaime practiced her favorite basketball shot for a bit and we decided to get to work.

The first chore was to clean a gutter at the front of the house. Jaime being more limber, crawled up on the roof and began scooping out leaves. Nora got bored after a few minutes and told me to take her inside to play. I reminded Nora that we needed to help Jaime get down from the roof. Nora said "Momma is hot, she needs to stay up there to cool down, leave her ...lets go in." Nora and I argued for the next 15 minutes about leaving Jaime on the roof. It concerned me a bit that Nora wasn't displaying much empathy. That's a difficult thing to teach, but a vitally important character trait. Empathy, tolerance, and compassion for all living things is the cornerstone of our non-secular beliefs.

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