Our 2nd Grade girl

Our 2nd Grade girl
Our adorable little second grader!  Nora is attending school via Skype and in-home teacher sessions again this year.  However, we did stop by her classroom before the start of the school year, to meet her teacher and staff face-to-face.  They even had a desk set up for Nora, which kind of gets me in the chest region a bit.  
Each morning Nora connects via skype into the classroom from her bed.  Nurse Kim is there with Nora the whole time, helping Nora and translating if needed.  We have no idea how they do it, but they follow everything in the lesson.  Which is difficult being remote.
The camera she connects into is fairly good, but it's not exactly HD quality, yet Nora sees it well enough to follow along.  The camera also needs to be moved or adjusted manually based on the lesson plan.  When the teacher calls on Nora for an answer, we all hold our breath, but Nora gets it right.  I've never heard her get an answer wrong in the skype classroom, but legends tell of past occurrences, when the skies shook and the ground split open, and the tears came like rain.
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