Nora struggling update

Nora struggling update
First off, Nora is doing better.  We are basically fighting a minor case of pneumonia or most likely, atelectasis of some degree.   At times her sats are completely normal and yet she's not quite herself still. We know it is going to take time for Nora to fully recover.   
In Nora's current state, she cannot tolerate being off her mask for more than a few seconds.  Part of the reason is her current lung condition, but another reason is anxiety.  She is absolutely terrified when we have to remove her mask to cough.  We have to do it though, it's the only way we can cough her which works towards fixing her lungs.  She's making a lot of progress though.  For the first two days, Nora refused to leave her room - mostly because she knew we would have to briefly disocnnect her mask to transfer her.   We have been able to transfer Nora to the loving room now although we have to move quickly and re-attach her mask immediatly.  Nora is seems to be in pain at times especially late afternoon/early evening, she often moans frequently as she tries to rest.  We are still working on determining the source of that issue.  
Jaime and  I are working in shifts throughout the night because she needs to be closely monitored and attended to.  We working in extra chest therapy when we can, but are trying to manage Nora's stress and fatigue as well.  

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