Nora shoots a paintball gun

Nora shoots a paintball gun
-----This was an older post, I somehow forgot to publish.-------
Jaime actually had the original idea - to see of Nora could shoot a paintball gun.  I ran with it.  I remembered I owned a special paintball gun that used an electronic trigger.  It was a bit tricky, but I installed a trigger bypass that could connect to Nora's favorite pressure switch (the one she uses for school).  
We bought an entire case of pink paintballs for the occasion.  The super difficult part was getting to the two small Co2 tank we owned, filled.  We called about a dozen sporting goods stores who all said "No", then finally stumbled upon a store that primarily refilled fire extinguishers and they agreed to fill them up (with Co2).  
The first time we set everything up and were ready to shoot, the switch failed miserably.  We decided to try again the next day so I could complete the necessary repair on my wiring.  It didn't take me long to find the issue and correct it, so we were ready for round two.
My new wiring worked perfectly and Nora took her first shot.  The rest is in the video.
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