Nora's Wagon

Nora's Wagon
Nora has been tolerating her regular EasyS stroller wheelchair less and less. You know the one I'm referring to if you've been following us for a little while or have watched any of our YouTube channel videos.  The chair is still our main mode of transportation for short trips (90 minutes max).  
Fun fact:  Nora's first wagon was red and plastic.  We recieved it from FSMA, who is now CureSMA. They sent Nora a SMA care package of sorts, shortly after her diagnosis.

Nora's second wagon was purchased around 5 years ago.  It was a Lowes 24 inch x 42 inch garden wagon that came in yellow.  We tried to spray paint it pink, but the paint didn't hold up.  We had a friend sandblast the pink and yellow off, then it became the light purple it still is today.
The wagon also gave us the freedom to take Nora off road, which is something we couldn't do with the EasyS chair.  Seriously, it is easier to push a stove top oven across grass and gravel, than pushing that chair.  
Over the years, that purpleish garden wagon took us on some amazing adventures.  As time went on, the need for the wagon only increased.   Nora now has more medical equipment that needs to tag along.  She has also grown too long for the wagon and her legs hang over the edge.

It was time for a new wagon.
We needed a wagon that was long enough for Nora, and yet wide enough for all her equipment.  We decided a 60 inch [long] wagon was the best option.  We also decided 30 inches wide would provide enough room.  If it was wider that 30 inches, it also would not fit into the wheelchair channel in our van.
So a 60" x 30" wagon is huge, it's almost the size of a twin mattress.  We knew pulling it would be difficult due to the weight, but if it was powered, it could help us on hills and across rough ground.  We will be making a video soon to show everything in detail and the modifications we've made.  Look for that very soon.
Nora is happy with the wagon and loves how comfortable it is.  Hopefully it's something we can use for a long time.
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