Nora's Christmas 2015

Nora's Christmas 2015
We had a truly wonderful Christmas this year. It was fairly stressful leading up to the day as usual since Jaime and I always getting last-minute deliveries. Due to cold and flu season, we generally avoid the stores unless absolutely necessary, so 99% of the presents this year were bought online. Nora had a million things she wanted this year - mostly because Nora has so many interests. From Skylanders and race cars to soft kittys that give birth to more soft kitten, it if's fun (and usually pink), Nora loves it. We didn't know for certain though what she wanted the most, until she saw Santa during my work's Christmas Party. Nora had asked Santa for two main things:
Build-a-bear Rockstar bunny
Skylander bird

Nora got everything she wanted and more. We began opening at around 10:00am and finished after 2pm. As we opened each toy, we'd pry it out of it's box and play a bit. Jaime and I always brainstorming about how to adapt each toy for Nora.

Jaime and I still exchange gifts with each other as well. That is something I will never grow too old to do. It what makes Christmas wonderful.

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