Nora's 7th birthday

Nora's 7th birthday

We had this big party planned for Nora's 7th birthday. We had activities and entertainment all ready for the big day. It was going to be a winter/Minnie Mouse themed event. We even rented this giant helium tank and bought every Minnie Mouse mylar (foil) balloon available and 200 latex balloons. Jaime had this huge latex balloon arch planned.

The specially made cake was finished with Minnie Mouse sitting on top in a globe. (Nora can't eat cake, but she still likes the look of them and the candles). This party was to be epic .... but it never happened.

It was a combination of illness and weather. The snow hit and there was the threat of more to come with freezing rain. A few others were recently exposed to sick people so they were high risk. We decided to re-schedule the party for later in the year, perhaps summer.

We still did a party ourselves though. We stayed up crazy late and filled almost all the balloons, and Jaime built her giant balloon arch. We also carried in Nora's TOP SECRET present.

We had decided to upgrade our TV since it plays an important role in our household. Nora watches cartoons with nurse Kim throughout the day and we play Disney Infinity, Skylanders Superchargers, and watch movies in the evenings. So we decided it would be a good time to upgrade our older 55" to something much much larger.

When Nora saw it though, she got very upset. She said she liked the old TV. The whole time we were installing it, she kept saying "Noooo! STOP!! I want the old one. I like the old one". Once we finished installing it though and bathed in it's 4K brilliance, she stopped complaining.

We had tons of fun for her birthday. Nora finally got the cheetah "Fuli" from the Disney Lion Guard show. Nora had been trying to make us believe it was her birthday each day for the last week, because she wanted that cheetah so badly.
Nora: "It's my birthday today"
Us: "your birthday is in 5 days, Nora"
Nora: "no it's not, it's today.... I swear... trust me"
Nora: "I need that kitty, she misses me"

Nora also got her Build-a-bear FiFi, from the movie: Peanuts. She wanted FiFi almost as much as the Cheetah. We were very lucky to find FiFi, but were not able to get her flying ace outfit. Nora told us it wasn't the real FiFi, because she wasn't "wearing her costume". Later she accepted that it was indeed the real FiFi, but says "FiFi is naked... oh, naked FiFi". ...and as long as the outfit is still $75 on ebay, FiFi will continue to stay naked.

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