Nora is hilarious

Nora is hilarious
When Nora was feeling better and more stable, we took her to her favorite store in the mall.  Yes, the teaser image is correct, Nora's favorite mall store is: Hot Topic.  Why is it her favorite?  Because it has blind boxes.  Not just any blind boxes, but the new and elite (and over-priced) ones like:  Moofia, Mermicorno, Pusheen, and tons of others.  Don't worry, we will explain each one in the gallery below.  
Fun Fact:  Nora likes blind box figures because she is able to hold most of them.
Anyway, now that I setup the context, I can proceed with the funny part.  So we are in the store and searching for Steven Universe figures.  I was asking the lady in the store dozens of questions:  Do you have Steven?, any Moofia series 1?, a Strawberry milk?  She replied "no" to all questions though.  We began looking at blind boxes and Nora happened to be close to the saleswoman.  Suddenly Nora began trying to get the saleswoman's attention, by saying something over-and-over again.  It took a few seconds...then Jaime and I both understood at the same moment.  To our horror, Nora was saying  "Sir?"  "Sir?"  "Sir!!!?" to the saleswoman.  The saleswoman, as most do, pretended not to hear Nora and never turned around.  In public, we almost always see this type of behavior when Nora speaks to someone.  Usually it makes us angry and sad, this time though, it saved us from some explaining.   
I bet you're wondering why Nora was calling the saleswoman "Sir".  Well, it all goes back to the Peanuts movie (Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy etc).  Nora loves that movie and has it memorized. her favorite character is Marcie who wears glasses and follows Peppermint Patty around.  Nora mimics everything Marcie says because it's hilarous.  Marcie always addresses Peppermint Patty as "Sir".  Nora once asked what Sir meant. Jaime, I think, explained it was a formal title & sign of respect.  
We have now appended the definition to include formal title for a *man*.  
Last thing:  Nora's blind box results are in the gallery
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