Nora and the Pink song

Nora and the Pink song
Nora is absolutely in love with the new Pink song from "Alice through the looking glass".  The song is called "Just like fire".   The song came on the Disney radio station Nora was listening to, and she yelled "It's the Alice song!" referring to the music from the trailer (Nora hasn't seen the movie yet).   I showed Nora the music video and she was hooked (okay, I admit, I kinda like it too).
Nora kept asking about the end of the video - when pink is in a straight jacket and being admitted to a mental institution.  Nora was asking "why is she wearing that jacket?   Why did she have to go to the hospital?  Is Pink okay?"  Jaime and I had a hard time explaining that Pink was just pretending and what a mental hospital was.  
There is also a scene where Pink is on a chess board.  Nora asked why there were black and white people.  I told her it was a game called "Chess" and Nora replied "I have one of those!!"  ...she thought I said "chest".  Nora now knows what chess is, but I still want to teach her the game.  
Nora's favorite part of the video is the opening scene.  Pink is hanging upside down from an aerial silk setup and her husband asks "Are you just going to hang around all day?"   Nora repeats that constantly.
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