Neighborhood water wars

Neighborhood water wars
Our subdivision had their annual water wars event.  This is when one of the local fire departments comes out and basically sprays children...  okay that made it sound terrible... which it isn't.  The previous time we were at this event, Nora remained dry.  This year, Nora and Jaime got soaked.  This was mostly because they had gotten closer to the action than before.  We There was also a fireman that made a poor judgement call and opened up on the two of them.  It took a few seconds of us franticly yelling and waving for him to STOP!!!! before he shut off the hose.  To his credit, he immediatly came over to check if we were okay.  We were also able to have Nora spray two of the hoses.  It was very cool.  The video should be out soon
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