Moonlit walk wish

Moonlit walk wish
In the evenings, after hurling water balloons at each other (seriously, we do that very frequently), we often take a walk around our subdivision. Jaime pulls Nora in her crappy old wagon and I plod along next to her. Since it gets dark earlier now, I always grab my favorite walking flashlight before we head out. Jaime often complains that we have far too many flashlights! I believe we have a sufficient number of flashlights.. so there!
My favorite walking flashlight is a Nitecore CG6 which has a 440 lumen blue beam.  Once, I set it down next to Nora's hand during a walk. Nora moved her tiny fingers through the blue light and created a giant house eating shadow monster. Laughing the whole time, Nora made her monster devour most of our block. A new tradition was born, and the so-called unnecessary powerful blue flashlight, is a required participant on every walk.
On our most recent walk (Sunday evening), it was completely dark outside when we started off. Nora's monster had already laid waste to the houses on the right side of the street, so we turned around and headed towards home. A few minutes later, Jaime and I found ourselves in a deep philosophical conversation about replacing storm-damaged window shutters. I could hear Nora behind us, talking softly. It took me a moment to realize she wasn't making the usual shadow-monster sound effects, but was just repeating a phrase over-and-over. I dropped back to try and hear what she was saying. As she rolled past me, I could see her eyes were shut. A moment later she opened them, looked at the night sky and closed them while repeated the phrase. I finally got to hear what she was repeating: "I wish, I wish, for a Baby so Real". I laughed when I understood. Nora was wishing on a star ... well technically star(s). She would pick out a star, close her eyes to deliver the wish, then find another star and repeat.   Literally the cutest thing I have ever witnessed except that...

A Baby so Real, is a $99 cabbage patch doll that Nora had become absolutely obsessed with after seeing a commercial.  Two days later, she lost interest and wanted $9 Shimmer from Shimmer and Shine instead. The sad part though, is that with all her strength gone now, Nora can't play with any of them.  Nora's independent play is limited to holding a small non-heavy toy in her hand.  Which is why we buy so many blind bag toys, because they are usually the right size and weight.  That said, like with all things, we help Nora. Together, Nora and I have created some amazing story-lines, full of danger, excitement, intense drama, and a little romance now and again.  Like I always say "you just need an antagonist, a protagonist, and a touch of plot, to make it fun".  (Okay, so I don't always say that) but when it's Jaime's turn to play, I occasionally yell  from across the house "YOU NEED AN ANTAGONIST!!"  and Jaime will respond "WHAT!?".  Ahhh, good times.
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derived from our last name: Gooden and the idea of a family tree We came up with the name after we made the decision to start a family (have a child).
When Nora was born and diagnosed with the terminal disease SMA, her story quickly spread, and goodentree became established.