Mall Easter Bunny

Mall Easter Bunny

We took Nora to the mall to see the Easter bunny in person. Prior to this visit, Nora's mall experience was simply sprinting from an entrance to build-a-bear or the Disney store. That was only a handful of times too - the mall isn't a place we frequent. This particular mall however was close to our house and is ... how do I say this tactfully?
um... less popular?
...not so entirely focused on cleanliness?

We also arrived as late as possible as to avoid the meager crowds that attend this place. So we met the Bunny or Mr. Easter or whatever you call him. He even gave Nora an egg. I was slightly fascinated by what it contained though. It contained only a small flat piece of foam (about the size of a dime) with a picture of an animal on it. It was perhaps the cheapest and most useless thing I have ever seen in my life. I joked that it was worth -$0.03 cents, even a $0.01 cent sticker is something, this dime-sized foam piece was somehow less than nothing. Even Nora didn't care for it much, either.

The Bunny handlers snapped a few pictures of Nora and Mr. Bunny. So, as Jaime took out a second mortgage to pay for it, Nora and I set off to explore. I showed Nora a shoe store which she liked. Nora, who has only worn shoes 3 times in her life, is a bit fascinated by shoes. When J and I get a new pair though, Nora always wants to try them - which looks funny. Unfortunately, Nora has ballerina feet

ballerina feet
a condition that describes how the tendons and muscles in Nora's feet have tightened causing her feet to point down like she's on her tip toes.

It sounds cute, but in reality it causes Nora a tremendous amount of pain. Next I took her into a jewelry store that she also liked and commented how it was like mommy's jewelry. Then, we went into Hot Topic last and Nora fell in love.

Why Hot Topic you ask? Simple. Nora is absolutely obsessed with blind bags and boxes. Hot Topic has exclusives and hard-to-find ones like: tokidoki Moofia, tokidoki Unicornio. If you've watched any of our unboxing videos, it will make more sense.

Moofia example
Unicorno example
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