Low-key Thanksgiving 2015

Low-key Thanksgiving 2015
This years Thanksgiving was pretty quiet. It was just Jaime, Nora, and I, so we didn't even cook a full Turkey, just a turkey breast. Jaime, of course, did a wonderful job with the meal. Nora laid at the end of the table playing with a Captain America Disney Infinity figure. Nora hasn't been a big fan us Jaime and I eating lately. She'll say "Daddy, don't eat, don't eat, don't eat". We don't think it's anything to do with jealously or the fact that Nora can't eat. We're fairly certain it's just because she's excited to play and doesn't want to wait. I totally get that. It still makes you feel a bit guilty for stuffing your face in front of her. So we sometimes eat covertly just so she doesn't become upset. On Thanksgiving, we obviously ate in front of her. Nora was confused though, because she told us she "thought she would see a turkey". Jaime reads a book to Nora at bedtime each night. For the last week, she's been reading stories about Thanksgiving turkeys. Nora recalled something from one of those and said "the turkey must have gotten away", when obviously, it hadn't. There's wasn't a way to make the explanation sound non-horrific though, so we changed the subject.
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