Looking back Nora's birth day

Looking back Nora's birth day
All this week, we will be posting images and videos from birthdays of old.. This was Nora's birth day

The induction was scheduled for 5:00 am on 1/23.  Jaime went to bed at 9:45 PM.  At 12:07am she yelled for me to come quickly.  She had a contraction that woke her, When she got up her water broke (big time).  We called the doctor on-call and we got our bag and headed for the hospital.  Jaime was 6cm dilated when we arrived at 1:05am.  After 20 minutes and a few very strong contractions, she was dilated to 8cm.  At that point she was begging for pain meds.  The nurse gave her something and called for the doctor to bring the epidural.  By the time the doctor arrived, Jaime was already at 10cm and feeling the need to push.   They went ahead and gave her the epidural and once it was in place Jaime started to push.  It took about 30 minutes to push before the head came out and at 3:25am Nora Madison Gooden was born.

Time of birth:  January 23rd 3:25AM

Weight: 6lbs 11oz

Length:  20 and 1/2 inches

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goodentree    /ˈgo͝odənˌtrēˈ/   noun

derived from our last name: Gooden and the idea of a family tree We came up with the name after we made the decision to start a family (have a child).
When Nora was born and diagnosed with the terminal disease SMA, her story quickly spread, and goodentree became established.