Looking back: 3rd birthday

Looking back: 3rd birthday
All this week, we will be posting images and videos from birthdays of old.. This was Nora's birth day.

To my sweet little girl!
I can't believe you are three years old today!  Where has the time gone and when did you get so grown up?  Have I told you how much I love:

Running my fingers through your beautiful red curly hair
Tickling your feet and your arms and your belly...
Listening to your new singing voice
That you repeat EVERYTHING
To smell your stinky breath :-)
Your little giggles and your fake laugh too
When you say "I love you" back
When you raise your eyebrows with excitement
And most of all, that you're mine!
Never in a million years would I have thought we would be here celebrating such a huge milestone, but you are strong, you are a fighter!  I am so so proud of you sweetheart and I love you more than world could ever describe!  Happy birthday sweet pea!
Love Momma!

To my daughter from Daddy.
You've been my best friend since they day we met.  Thinking back to that moment three years ago when I heard that "um, my water broke", I knew life was about to change.  What I never expected is not only did our life change as we knew it, but how I would change as a person - because of you.  How you would make me "daddy" and became my whole world.  It has been three years now since we first met here are a some of my favorite parts about you:

The glorious sweet smell of your hair.
Just laying with you as you watch TV and I just smell your hair
Playing with the soft and squishy skin on the back of your hand
Brushing the hair back from your ear over and over again
Your knuckle dimples
Kissing your little cheek
When you say "Ahhhh" when I put lotion on you after a bath
The way you randomly count to three for no apparent reason
The way your face lights up when I come home from work
How you are captivated by watching your own hands
Making you fall asleep nightly with a soft back-rub
They way you say "I love you" now even before I say it first
How all I want to do in life now is be a husband and a father

Love Daddy

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