Jaime's birthday

Jaime's birthday
Jaime had a birthday on the 2nd.  We celebrated at home, because Nora was still recovering.  We had Pizza, presents, and cake though [of course].  Jaime adores cake.  Nora even got a present because she felt left out - Nora does love presents.  Nora also told us she was a bit upset about Jaime's birthday because she had to share "we don't get to do what I want to do", she said.  Even though we still mostly did.
Jaime was refusing to accept and presents because I had given her that incredibly expensive embroidery/sewing machine at Xmas.  I still got her something she wanted from Orgami Owl.  They sell little lockets you fill with charms.  It's one of those all too common pyramid scheme / multi-level marketing type deals, where you hosts parties and recruit people to sell for you.   They do allow you to buy direct, which is cool.  It was kind of fun picking out charms for Jaime though.  She also got flowers and gifts in the mail from both our parents.  
Anyway, that was Jaime's birthday.   
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