Help us say thanks

Help us say thanks
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we have to tell you about what Tiffany Green has been doing for Nora.  Tiffany, who you may remember as my friend and long-time sister, gave Nora a pledge last Christmas.  That pledge was to spend 2016 running for Nora - literally ruhh-ning, like with the shoes and the races and the self-motivational stuff.  So, did she do it? Did she really run for a whole year?
Yes, she did.  Tiffany recently flew to California and completed the Santa Barbara Half Marathon.  This event is extremely important to us,  because it will always be Gwendolyn Strong's race to us.
Gwendolyn Strong whom of which the charity The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation was named for, lost her battle with SMA on July 15th, 2015.  The impact Gwendolyn's life and the complete dedication and love she received, led us to do the same.  Our goal to fill Nora's life with amazing adventures all began with Gwendolyn.  We will never forget Gwendolyn and what she did for our family. This is why this race is so important to us
  This was Tiffany's 14th race of the year running for Team Nora.  Yet, despite all the miles she ran this year, Tiffany still affirms that she is NOT a runner.  
That's because Tiff didn't run all these miles in 2016 because it's what she does every year anyway.  For Tiffany, running isn't a hobby or just another part of her intense workout regime.  
Tiff isn't a "runner".  But she ran.  She ran for her only niece [Nora], and to help fund a drug that may help save future SMA children.  Tiff made a huge sacrifice to show how much this means to her by dedicating a year of her life.     
But Tiffany's goal is not complete.   We need your help to finish it.  
Support tiffany's effort - donate here
The link below is to Tiffany's first giving page.  Her efforts have raised nearly $3,500.  The goal is to reach $5000.   Please help support  and help inspire other to do the same.  Perhaps, this year, instead of giving to those red bell ringers, give to this cause instead.

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