Grandma Marka's visit in May

Grandma Marka's visit in May
Nora's grandma Marka (Jaime's mom) came to visit in May.  While she was here, Jaime, Nora, and Grandma went to Pigeon Forge, TN to ride the huge ferris wheel.  If you remember, Nora rode another huge ferris wheel when we were in Washington, DC two years ago (pictures in the retro section below).  This Great Smoky Mountain wheel is 200 feet high, if you were wondering.  They also took Nora to Build-a-bear and the Disney store, so Nora had one heck of day.  
The next couple days, Grandma helped us finish some home projects and kept Nora laughing. Grandma and Nora skype together at least once a week, so Nora was so excited to see her in person.  Nora did not want Grandma out of her sight - ever.   Hearing Nora calling for "grandma!" constantly always makes us smile.   If Grandma left the room, Nora would start asking "Where's Grandma?  GRANDMA!"  Each night during Nora's chest therapy, she would always yell for Grandma over the baby monitor to come help her cough.   
It was a really good visit.
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