Easter Egg hunt

Easter Egg hunt

We hosted the annual Nora Easter egg hunt as usual. Except this year I neglected to take enough picture, opting instead to film the entire event. (keep your eye open for it's forthcoming release).

This year the bunny nearly tripled the number of eggs to find. Nora made short work of them as usual, finding them all on the first pass through the yard. Nora was finding 3-4 at a time, saying "I see an egg... blue, green, pink" The bunny hid the Easter basket as well.

Days before Easter, Nora began talking endlessly about the "pink girl" - which is a character from this new Disney show she loves called "Star Darlings". She was obsessed with this pink girl so much so that the Easter Bunny scrambled to get "the pink girl" into Nora's Easter basket. That pink girl (also known as Libby) was, by far, the biggest hit this Easter.

Libby goes everywhere with Nora and is one of the best "cough helpers" in the lot. Only certain toys can help Nora use her cough machine each morning end night. We assemble her dream team of helpers that are put on the bed when the cough machine starts. They play a vital role in inspiring Nora to produce good strong coughs for the machine.

...but the fun didn't stop at Easter eggs. Later that same day Nora would get to do something she had never done before - shoot a paintball gun ...by herself. Stay tuned for that story

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