Cards and driveway bubbles

Cards and driveway bubbles
Nora's progression towards getting better has kind of stalled out.  We're not sure if she will ever be able to return to her previous abilities.  Each time Nora gets sick, the effort of the whole thing... she looses something.  She grows a little weaker each time. ...but I'll go more into that in a future post.  
The other day, Nora got a bunch of "get well" letters in the mail.  We got one from Nora's new fan friend too.  The fan friend is someone who found us on YouTube and tracked us down (that sounds creepy, but it really wasn't).  The new friend was just a little girl and her mother who thought Nora could use a friend.  It is very sweet.  
Another card was from Nora's Aunt Tiffany.  We talked about her in a previous post.  Tiffany continues to run for Nora.  Each time Tiffany finishes another race, she sends Nora her race banners.  We are absolutely honored by her commitment.  This newest letter even contained a metal for the Madison [Wisconsin] Twilight 5K.  Nora thought it was pretty cool.  
We also decided it was time to upgrade Nora's bubble machine.  Nora has absolutely loved bubbles since she was just a baby.  This new machine can really chuck them out too!  We had a bubble-a-thon in the driveway then threw some water balloons at each other.  It was Nora's first time outside in a long time, so we wanted to have fun.
Nora also got the new Disney Infinity "Alice and the looking glass" figures.  She was so excited about getting them finally.  Strangely enough, the figure she was most excited about was "Time".  She's funny like that.
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