Boo at the Zoo 2015

Boo at the Zoo 2015
We, again, had the pleasure of attending the Boo at the Zoo event this year. The wonderful people at the Zoo let us in early again as well. This way Nora can trick-or-treat without the crowds of people. Nora dressed as Joy although she was on the fence about it. She also wanted to dress as Rosie Revere from the book Rosie Revere, Engineer, that Nora adores. We already had the Joy costume though. Joy is also Nora's new favorite character. It was Sadness, until Nora watched the movie a few more times. She said she doesn't want to be Sad, so she insisted until we agreed and gave her doll to Nurse Kim's daughter. She wants to get rid of Anger and Fear too because she "doesn't want to be angry or scared" - her words. She wants to keep Disgust though, "she's alright" she says. I'm working on a new video about this; Nora goes in to greater detail about emotions.
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