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12 27 Nora's Christmas 2015

Nora's Christmas 2015
We had a truly wonderful Christmas this year. It was fairly stressful leading up to the day as usual since Jaime and I always getting last-minute deliveries. Due to cold and flu season, we generally avoid the stores unless absolutely necessary, so 99% of the presents this year were bought... Share this

12 18 In the news

In the news
We were surprised a couple days ago when we showed up on the frontpage of the Newport News published in Newport, TN. The story was about our friend Brian Chesteen, his incredible weight-loss story and the inspiration he gained from Nora and our family. we've written about Brian in the past. Brian also works with with Jaime at Bush Brothers. Brian is training for the Disney World Dopey Challenge. The four-day event features.. Share this

12 14 Xmas photoshoot

Xmas photoshoot
In preparation for Christmas cards, we did a family photoshoot with our friend, professional photographer, and former SMA mom: Ashley Jones. She brought her assistant/husband Kyle along as well. They drove up from Atlanta just for the occasion, and because they ... Share this

12 03 Low-key Thanksgiving 2015

Low-key Thanksgiving 2015
This years Thanksgiving was pretty quiet. It was just Jaime, Nora, and I, so we didn't even cook a full Turkey, just a turkey breast. Jaime, of course, did a wonderful job with the meal. Nora laid at the end of the table playing with a Captain America Disney Infinity figure. Nora hasn't been a big fan us Jaime and I eating lately. She'll say... Share this

11 24 Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015
Before the real trick-or-treating began, we participated in the neighborhood trunk-or-treat. I haven't figured out why they have that event, when all the little kids still trick-or-treat on Halloween too. but far be it for me to break tradition. When we prepared for trunk-or treat, Nora threw us a curve ball... Share this

11 16 Boo at the Zoo 2015

Boo at the Zoo 2015
We, again, had the pleasure of attending the Boo at the Zoo event this year. The wonderful people at the Zoo let us in early again as well. This way Nora can trick-or-treat without the crowds of people. Nora dressed as.. Share this

11 12 Nora's memory of horseback riding

Nora's memory of horseback riding
I've talked about this before. About how Nora's memory is absolutely unbelieveable. They always say that when you loose an ability, another ability can become stronger to compensate. Like the story of blind people who develop incredible hearing. I think that's what Nora's memory is like. So the other day... Share this

10 19 Our Unbelievable Hollywood Studios visit

Our Unbelievable Hollywood Studios visit
Visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios was a last minute choice, but it turned out to be the highlight of the entire trip. Our experience was so completely different from the other parks. The absolute kindness and generosity was enough to make anyone shed a tear or two. "What are you doing standing in line?" the cast member told us... Share this

10 16 Witches brew clarification

Witches brew clarification
The other day, we got a delivery from Schwans. Jaime hates grocery shopping with a passion, so she goes as infrequently as possible. Her aversion to all things grocery is mostly an extension of her germaphobia. She feels almost everything and everyone in the grocery store is covered in... Share this

10 11 Mickey's not so scary Halloween Party

Mickey's not so scary Halloween Party
Tonight was the Halloween Party. Due to the cost of the tickets, and it being a special event, we half expected it to be less crowded than it was during the day. We were so wrong. Before leaving for Disney, Jaime had hand-made us all costumes from the movie Inside Out. Nora was the blue haired Joy, Jaime Disgust, and I was Fear. It took her hours to find the matching... Share this

goodentree    /ˈgo͝odənˌtrēˈ/   noun

derived from our last name: Gooden and the idea of a family tree We came up with the name after we made the decision to start a family (have a child).
When Nora was born and diagnosed with the terminal disease SMA, her story quickly spread, and goodentree became established.