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03 26 Nora Gooden shot - Mother in tears

Nora Gooden shot - Mother in tears

KNOXVILLE--Turning 9 weeks of age, Nora Gooden was struck in the leg at approximately 2 PM Thursday afternoon.  The weapon; a syringe filled with what some think [ Jaime] as a cocktail of autism inducing juice disguised as a typical "2 month vaccination".   Witnesses at the scene told reporters that she [ Nora] only cried for one or maybe two minutes

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03 23 Babies for Dinner

Babies for Dinner

We had Dinner tonight with our friends Brandon/Sara and Scott/Tyra and their babies.  If you remember Brandon and Sara had Parker exactly two weeks after Nora was born.  Scott and Tyra had MaKenna....

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03 22 Nora is hiking - Dad gets a car

Nora is hiking - Dad gets a car

First things first, Nora is doing great.  She continues to pack on the pounds but I'm not guessing how much she weighs now. She's eating 5oz at each feeding and seems to be building some actual neck strength.  Jaime and I usually bet on Nora's weight at the doctors office so...

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03 17 St. Pattys' Day

St. Pattys' Day

*to be read with an irish accent*

Whit in the world's gaun on here? Aye, must be Nora's ferst St Patty's day!  Aye, she's a beaut, she is. All dressed up in little dat wee outfit, but the pictures will speak fer themselves, they will.

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03 15 Nora at 7 weeks

Nora at 7 weeks

Jaime took a few pictures of Nora in her little dresses so I had to share them with ya.  Daycare is going very well.  The two ladies who watch her are fantastic!  Somehow they are able to get her to nap during the day.

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03 10 Nora headed to daycare

Nora headed to daycare

Well tomorrow (Wednesday) Nora will have her first daycare "experience" and Jaime will have her first Noraless "experience".  Yes, Jaime is headed back to work.  Jaime said she held Nora the entire day save for a walk she took with her friend Sara and their little boy Parker.

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03 05 Nora at six weeks

Nora at six weeks

Wow six weeks!  Little Nora has come a long way.  She is also almost done with that icky cradle cap too.  Now we get to do close-up shots without major photoshop editing!

You know what else six weeks means??

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03 02 Nora gets her first full bath

Nora gets her first full bath

One of the best things about Nora's belly button falling off was getting to bathe her without steering around that button stump.  I think Nora enjoyed her first real bath but not as much as we did.  I'm not saying Nora stinks but if you see what that sweet girl does to her diaper - it feels good.....

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02 26 Bye bye belly button!

Bye bye belly button!

Well Nora's nasty crusty ass belly button finally popped off on Tuesday night when I was changing her.  Jaime and I had bet when it would finally come off.  Jaime had picked Saturday and I picked Tuesday...

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goodentree    /ˈgo͝odənˌtrēˈ/   noun

derived from our last name: Gooden and the idea of a family tree We came up with the name after we made the decision to start a family (have a child).
When Nora was born and diagnosed with the terminal disease SMA, her story quickly spread, and goodentree became established.