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07 01 Nora and the Pink song

Nora and the Pink song
Nora is absolutely in love with the new Pink song from "Alice through the looking glass".  The song is called "Just like fire".   The song came on the Disney radio station Nora was listening to, and she yelled "It's the Alice song!"... Share this

06 21 Ashley helps out

Ashley helps out
Our dear friend Ashley came to lend us a hand.  Jaime had some very critical business in Denver, and would be gone for 4 days.  She felt horrible about leaving, but we knew she didn't have any choice.  Ashley is an SMA veteran, so she knows the care plan very well.  Ashley's daughter Skyler was a Type-1 child, who... Share this

06 14 Cards and driveway bubbles

Cards and driveway bubbles
Nora's progression towards getting better has kind of stalled out.  We're not sure if she will ever be able to return to her previous abilities.  Each time Nora gets sick, the effort of the whole thing... she looses something.  She grows a little weaker each time. ...but I'll go more into that in a future post.  
The other day, Nora got a bunch of "get well" letters... Share this

06 08 Road to recovery

Road to recovery
So we're a couple weeks into this now.  I'm not sure what to call this exactly.  Sickness isn't accurate because she was never really sick.  I guess, maybe call it her lung issue?   Well whatever it is, we've been at it for a couple weeks now at least.  Nora is still on her mask full-time - she absolutely... Share this

06 02 Jaime's birthday

Jaime's birthday
Jaime had a birthday on the 2nd.  We celebrated at home, because Nora was still recovering.  We had Pizza, presents, and cake though [of course].  Jaime adores cake.  Nora even got a present because she felt left out - Nora does love presents.  Nora also told us she was a bit upset about Jaime's birthday Share this

05 31 Nora struggling update

Nora struggling update
First off, Nora is doing better.  We are basically fighting a minor case of pneumonia or most likely, atelectasis of some degree.   At times her sats are completely normal and yet she's not quite herself still. We know it is going to take time for Nora to fully recover.   
In Nora's current state, she cannot tolerate... Share this

05 25 Nora struggling cont.

Nora struggling cont.
Day two and no real improvement.  Nora is still plagued by stomach pains.  It's been difficult to get food into her belly without causing more pain.  We've been keeping her on her feeding pump, which provides a constant drip of food rather then take... Share this

05 23 Nora struggling after close call

Nora struggling after close call
Late in the day, I received a call from Nurse Kim.  I could hear how frightened she was as she said, "You need to come home now."   "What's wrong!?" I asked.  Kim replied "Nora choked".
I slammed the phone down and three seconds later I was racing down a backstreet trying to gain more speed.  It takes me 14 minutes to get home if I drive very fast.   I made it home in 8 minutes, and broke nearly a dozen traffic.... Share this

05 17 11 years together

11 years together
Today is the anniversary of the best day of my life.  The day I married Jaime.  
It's been quite a journey together so far.  We were joking awhile back and we've both spent more time together life than we've been apart.  Yet, I still get excited to see her in the mornings and come home... Share this

goodentree    /ˈgo͝odənˌtrēˈ/   noun

derived from our last name: Gooden and the idea of a family tree We came up with the name after we made the decision to start a family (have a child).
When Nora was born and diagnosed with the terminal disease SMA, her story quickly spread, and goodentree became established.